Posted by: Christy Poteete | June 24, 2011

Relationship Management From the Front Door, In

Do you think relationships are important?

Do you know the name of the receptionist at any company that you do business with? I didn’t give it much thought until one day when I answered the phone; right away I knew the voice at the other end of the line. The call went like this… “Hi Christy it’s”… I didn’t give her time to say her name, because I knew her voice.  I immediately said “Hey Mitzi”. It was the receptionist at my dentist office calling to remind me of an appointment. We both ended the call feeling good because we have somewhat of a relationship. We recognized each other from prior dealings. I thought about all the people that I deal with day to day at businesses and how nice it feels when you know someone’s name. I know people on a first name basis at the dentist, the eye doctor, and the vet. I even have certain cashiers that I always like to go to at the grocery store because it feels good to me just to be familiar with someone.

I think our clients like it when I know their name. I don’t know everyone that calls, but I use their name if I know who they are. I have had clients come into the office and make comments such as “where were you the last time I came in.” I also have clients say “someone else answered the phone when I called earlier.”

Mr. Chappell always calls me by name when he calls into the office, as does Chuck. I like that it feels very personal and friendly.   What about you?  Do you greet the receptionist when you come and go from your own business?  Do your actions set the tone for the way you’d like your receptionist to greet YOUR clients at YOUR door.  Do you introduce your visitors, clients and prospects to your receptionist when you enter your own office?  Your receptionist will speak to those clients as often as you do, maybe more! – don’t they deserve an in-person introduction? 

It is just my opinion and maybe a little Southern Charm, but I think it is good business to make people feel welcome.

About the author – Christy Poteete has been the face at the front door of CS&A for more than 16 years.  -ed. 

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