Posted by: CS&A Insurance | June 22, 2011

Video Archive Services for Personal and Businesses

CS&A Insurance is proud to partner with Next Dimension Publishing in their latest service. Video Documentation of property and contents is a fast growing service among insurance companies and agencies. The goal is to help clients document all their assets in the unfortunate event of a loss or claim. It is important that clients keep up-t0-date records of all their property and assets so that they are well and accurately protected so that you may go on with their lives as they were before the incident or loss.

The Next Dimension crew will video the clients home or business in Williamson, Davidson and surrounding counties. Pricing for these services are based on Gross Square Footage(GFS) of the total buildings and up to 3 hours of shooting time.

Clients will be provide a 1 copy of their Video on DVD. Additional copies maybe purchased as well. A content list template will also be given so that the client may go through the video and electronically or manually input their property content. Hi resolution photos can also be provided for additional charge.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Next Dimension Publishing to inquire about their services. Call Casey Harris at 615.435.8292.

Next Dimension Video Archive Brochure

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