Posted by: Gary Thompson | June 5, 2013

Have you got it figured out yet?

During the course of a week, I will speak to several different people. The number probably averages 100. The common question I get is “Have you got it figured out yet?” I guess it comes with the territory.

As a licensed agent specializing in life and health insurance, I spend four to five hours per week attending health reform webinars and another three to four hours reading literature to better understand the changes. Back to the question, “Have you got it figured out yet?” The appropriate answer is no, but I am making progress. I can honestly say that I probably know the law much better than those that signed it into law.

If you would like to know more about health reform and how it will impact your business please email or call. I would be happy to provide some reliable sources for information.  On July 10th, Chappell, Smith & Associates will be hosting a seminar titled ‘What you need to know to protect your business.’ To RSVP please email or call Amy Trigg at or 615-435-8312.

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