Posted by: Erin Ladd | April 29, 2011

Wedding Day Jitters – We’ve Got it Covered

Imagine this, Ashley just purchased her dream wedding dress.  But, when going to pick up the dress a week before the big day, she sees an out of business sign on the window of the dress shop.  With the right wedding insurance policy, Ashley would have been reimbursed for the money she lost. 

A wedding includes not only the big day, but all the events leading up to this big day.  With the rehearsal, wedding and reception, there are a lot of possibilities for mishaps.

Vendor problems can occur such as bankruptcy of the caterer or fire at the wedding location. Accidents at the event location are also possible so the wedding location will often request the bride and groom provide Personal Liability insurance.  Severe weather, such as a tornado, can force postponement of a wedding, leaving several non-recoverable deposits and expenses.  Wedding gifts can be stolen from a home, reception site or vehicles.  Coverage can be purchased for the gifts and can also be added to cover the wedding jewelry.  What if the photographer fails to appear for the wedding?  What if the bridal gown or other bridal attire is lost, damaged or stolen?  What if the bride or groom gets ill?  What if the bride or groom changes their mind?  All of these scenarios are easily insured with Wedding Insurance.

There’s a long list of coverage that can be purchased for a wedding, at a reasonable price.   Wedding Insurance will help to make certain your wedding goes as smoothly as the Royal Wedding between William and Kate!

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