Posted by: CS&A Insurance | April 25, 2011

Storms, Storms, Storms in Middle Tennessee

Recently, here in middle Tennessee, we have witnessed a series of storms that resulted in moderate to severe damage to trees and structures in their paths. The first occurred on April 4th and blew down a series of trees in my yard and onto my fences, gutters, windows, doors, roof line. The trees actually grew in my neighbor’s yard and fell onto my property and house. I notified my insurance company the next day. The initial work by the adjuster went very smoothly and we received a claim check by the end of the week!

There were several things that, I think, made the adjustment go smoothly and quickly…
1) Immediate notification with pictures as documentation – taking pictures of the tree and the structures that were damaged before any removal began.,
2) Quick response from adjuster and allowing him to do his job without interruption, and
3) Having a tree surgeon and contractor readily available to assess the removal and provide quick estimates.

As to my neighbor, I went to his home early the next morning and told him that his tree was in my yard and I would work with him on the removal. He was a little reluctant at first(he is an attorney). However when he realize d was acting in good spirits, we worked together and got it all done. He’s a good neighbor and thinks the same of me.

As of this writing, trees have been removed, fences re placed, and roof is being repaired. Final bills will be given to adjuster for final payment I don’t anticipate any problems. All in all we made the best of a bad, but not uncommon, situation.

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