Posted by: Steve Elliott | December 17, 2012

Worried about picking up germs in public?

Have you ever been on an airplane and the guy in front of you is coughing and sneezing? What’s going through your mind? I know what is “great now I’m going to be sick”! There are germs everywhere we go but there are a handful of locations that scare us more than others for example clinics, hospitals, daycares, restaurants etc…

AmFlow Incorporated has a product that eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria that cause odor and illnesses such as Staph, H1N1, E-Coli, Salmonella, Strep, MRSA, and Mold. Employers can now very affordably control the germ/flu season by utilizing AmFLow’s antimicrobial chemical spray and help eliminate sick days in turn keeping production at full capacity. The spray itself can be used anywhere and only takes 18 minutes to dry before the germs/viruses are killed. Protect the important people in your life by having this product utilize at your place of business or even your personal home.

For more information please see this document from Amflow, Inc. : Doc..pdf
or Call them at 615.866.9274 or

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