Posted by: Christy Poteete | November 19, 2012

Longevity in the Insurance Industry

CS&A Insurance Franklin, Tennessee

I think Chappell, Smith & Associates, Inc. dba. CS&A Insurance has an outstanding rapport. Thomas Chappell and Charles Smith formed the insurance agency in 1981. They are still the owners of the business today. That is over 30 years of uninterrupted insurance service. Not only have they owed the business for that length of time, they still have some of the original employees on board.

Edward Brooks retired last year with over 27 years of service in the Life and Health Insurance business.

Ada Bridges retired last year with 29 ½ years of service in Personal Lines Insurance, as well as small Commercial Insurance.

The following group of Insurance Professionals has been employed at Chappell, Smith & Associates, Inc. dba CS&A Insurance for 15 years or more. The late Charles (Chuck) Clarkson had been in Commercial Lines for 28 years, when he passed this year. Mary Lewis has been in Personal Lines for 28 years. Carrie Davis has been our Accounting Manager for 19 years. I have been the receptionist/ Licensing Coordinator for 17 years. Joseph (Jodie) Folk has been in Commercial Lines for 16 years. Barbara Doss has been in Aviation Insurance in our Georgia Branch for 16 years. Christi McDonald has been in Aviation Insurance in our Tennessee Branch for 15 Years. We have many more employees with a number of years of service under their belts, but I couldn’t list all 40 employees in this one blog.

Perpetuation of CS&A Insurance  is one of our main focuses for this company. We rely on the experience and knowledge of our seasoned producers to help cultivate a new breed of insurance producer, that holds to a strong work ethic as well as traditional values. This has been the brand and image of CS&A Insurance for well over 30 years and will continue into our future. Also a structured and well planned mentor program is in place here that ensures this future and prosperity of this company.

Congratulation to Thomas Chappell, Charles Smith Jr. and the whole Chappell, Smith & Associates Group for their longevity in the Insurance World.

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