Posted by: CS&A Insurance | October 12, 2012

CS&A Insurance Announces DVD Release

CS&A Insurance Speaker Series DVDs

CS&A Insurance is proud to announce their latest release in the DVD Speaker Series. On August 28th, 2012 CS&A Insurance hosted a speaking event for clients and prospects on Health Care Reform. The presentation was given by David C. Smith with Eben Concepts, a company that specializes in consulting, brokering, simplified benefit administration and human resources compliance.

David touches on what has changed in Health Care Reform from 2010 to present and what possible changes are scheduled and rumored about for 2013 to 2016.

Every business with employees will be faced with compliance to health care reform mandates and regulations. This can often be a confusing and frustrating task. CS&A Insurance is one of the only independent insurance agencies in the country whose main focus is on educating our clients and potential clients as well as our competitors.

If you would like more in-depth information on Health Care Reform and compliance please contact: Gary Thompson, Life & Health/Employee Benefits Manager with CS&A Insurance.

CS&A Insurance
1006 Merylinger Court
Franklin, TN. 37067

If you would like more information on our other Speaker Series with Tiya Lim from BAM Advisor Services on Optimizing for Social Security, Clifton Lambreth (author of Ford & The American Dream), and Robert Sutter with Keystone Insurers Group on Communication please contact Casey Harris with Next Dimension Publishing at

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