Posted by: Christy Poteete | November 22, 2011

Don’t Let Black Friday Make You Blue…



            An estimated 152 million people will be out and in search of Black Friday Deals over the weekend.  Last year the predicted, 138 million, shopped along with an additional unpredicted 74 million people.  The record is bound to be topped again this year with stores advertising 24 hour openings and some retailers set to be open on Thanksgiving day, making history. Below are a few tips to keep your holidays safe, abundant, and hopefully, loss free.

 Beware of the Black Friday Blues…

       Keep your purse and wallet protected while out shopping remembering the classic pickpocket is the most universal way for a criminal to rob your money, data, and spirits all at once. Be mindful to utilize hand sanitizer often, as the flu bug will be on the move too. Continually remind yourself, “millions of hands have touched this item, and you don’t where those hands have been!”  Use extra caution while driving, for much coffee and lack of sleep does not mix as well as the swerving driver behind you may believe. As we are all aware, the moms rushing to the stores to get “Little Timmy” the new video game of the year, will stop at nothing. Look before crossing the road, we do not want people playing real life “Sim’s”.  One of the slyest ways thieves are making it a bright Christmas for themselves, is simply taking your thoughtful gifts from your car. Auto insurance policies do not carry coverage on these gifts, so always attempt to park under lights, cover the gifts in your car and be aware of others watching you. 

     Merchant’s not only have responsibilities of managing, selling, and re-stocking; they are liable if someone becomes hurt on their premises. Liability risks can be cut if hazards are removed from aisles, floors are kept dry, and appropriate signage is in place if a disaster occurs. The last and final tip comes from personal experience, please never under-estimate the strength of a little, innocent woman who is pondering over the last “Tickle-Me-Elmo” on the shelf. Chances are she does want it and if you grab for it, you may be filing an injury claim with the store owner!

Happy shopping!!

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