Posted by: Jeff Rhodes | July 14, 2011

The #1 Risk To Your Business

If you run a small business, what are you doing TODAY to increase sales in these tough times?  How long have you been waiting for things to return to normal?  Are you sure that “the way it used to be” IS normal?  What if the way it is now is normal?  Economies change.  Markets change.  People’s spending habits and interests change.  What is your business doing  to keep pace with these changes?

Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, maybe it’s time to take an active role in managing your business’s approach to sales.  Maybe it’s time to take hold of your business and stop waiting for the good old days to return.  What is your business plan for the next three years?  Where will you be this time next year?    What new knowledge do you need?  What people do you need to get involved with your business now to get where you want to be in twelve months?  In thirty six months?  Are you in the right location?  Do you have the tools that you need?  What do you need to do tomorrow that you’ve never done before?

What does your sales pipeline look like?  What’s on your sales prospecting calendar this week?  What prospects will you reach out to over the next 30 days?  Where will next year’s prospects come from? 

The number one risk to your aviation business is not a catastrophic accident, or a liability claim.  The number one risk to your small business is your failure to thrive in a changing economy.

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