Posted by: Todd Lee | June 30, 2011

“Legal Minimum” Is No Bargin

Advertisements will have you believe insurance can be wrapped in a box and passed out like bread.  Their product will “save you money” or you can have “minimum coverage for less”.  What they do not reveal is lower price does not equal lowest cost and you are unique and do not need the same policy as your neighbor.  I find it highly irresponsible to sell an automobile liability policy with a $10-$50,000 limit when you can secure $100-$500,000 limits for dollars a month.  Every time somebody gets in a car with a $10,000 limit of liability they are putting themselves, their assets, and every other person on the road at risk.  If they are at fault, in even a minor accident, they will not have the sufficient coverage to take care of the damage they caused. 

When I see advertisements such as the ones mentioned I become frustrated because I believe they are a disservice to the purchaser and society.  You have unique characteristics to your home, valuables, and lives.  You are not like your next door neighbor or the family down the street.  Make sure you speak directly to your agent.  If they do not ask direct questions regarding you and your family related to hobbies, valuables, and you home then you have the wrong agent. 
I met with a gentleman who told me he recently had a watch stolen.  He had been saving money for quite some time to buy a Rolex and after he purchased it he and his wife went on vacation.  While on vacation items came up missing including the new Rolex and other jewelry belonging to his wife.  While this gentleman did “save money” on his premium and had “minimum coverage for less” it ultimately cost him well over $10,000 after he was handed his $1,000 policy limit check for all the jewelry that was stolen.

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